Step It Up: How To Pick Up Choreography Quickly

Untitled Often when dance auditions are posted, the casting notice will include a list of requirements. Requirements may be related to age or height and often you’ll have to know a particular style of dance like tap or hip-hop. One of the most common requirements included in dance casting notices is that the dancers must be able to pick up choreography quickly.  


Dancers who are able to pick up choreography quickly are most likely to be hired for jobs. Directors and choreographers prefer to save time (and money) by working with dancers who are fast learners. Both new and experienced dancers often struggle with choreography, so if this is a problem for you, don’t feel that you’re alone.


Here are a few tips that dancers often use to help them overcome this common problem:


-Visualize yourself performing the movements as the choreographer runs through them. Repetition is the key to learning new moves, and doing them in your head repeatedly can be just as effective as physically performing the routine over and over again.


-Give each step a name. Creating a name for each move often helps dancers remember the steps more easily as well as anticipate the next move as they’re going through a routine.


-Imitate the choreographer using small movements as he or she goes through the routine. By imitating the movements as soon as you are shown the steps, you begin acclimating your body to the moves, which can also help you remember them better when it’s time to perform them.


-Pay close attention to how the choreography relates to the music.  If the choreographer inserts a jump at a point in the song when the singer sings, “jump back” or something similar, those keywords can be a big help.
Lots of dancers create their own techniques for helping them pick up choreography. By talking with other dancers, as well as teachers and choreographers, you can find out lots of creative ways to help you learn choreography more quickly as well as become a better dancer overall. To discuss techniques with other Star Search Casting members who are pursuing careers in the field of dance, log on to Our community forum is a great place to trade tips and get great insights into the industry. Don’t forget to check out our auditions for upcoming dance opportunities near you.

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